Mibo Terminator

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MIBO TERMINATOR F3B/F is a glider designed by using Norbert Habe airfoils

The Terminator is a new addition to our fine selection of models .From the designer of the mini-Terminator comes another glider with great performance. Specifically developed and tested for competition - yet having the flight characteristics and good manners that also deliver a sport machine for anyone that wants something that little bit special, with the presence in the air afforded by a F3B/F class airframe. If you are looking for a compact, fast, top quality model this is it!  The Spread Tow skins give this model a strong, light, and beautiful surface.
This model is capable of carrying lots of ballast. Fuselage is designed to be very easily converted to electric which gives you Hot Rod F5B style fun flying model.

Optionally are available: IDS – servo trays, ballast kit, wing protection bags and wiring harness.

Suggested Initial Set-Up:

Ailerons : Up - 25 mm Down - 15mm
Flaps: Up - 8 mm Down - 5mm
Elevator: Up - 5mm Down - 5mm

V tail /Rudder: 8 mm left/right
Ailerons - Down 3 mm
Flaps – Down 5 mm
Thermal = Flaps – Down 4 mm, Ailerons - Down 3 mm
Speed = Flaps – Up 2 mm, Ailerons - Up 1 mm

Flaps: Down 40 – 45 mm
Ailerons: Up 5 mm
Elevator compensation: Down 4 (with adjusted curve)

Center of Gravity (CG): 104-108 mm from leading edge