About US

We are the exclusive USA Distributors for Mibo Sailplanes!

BAYA Gliders is dedicated to bringing you the finest gliders available from Slovenia.  Unlike most other retail RC stores, we are doing this as a labor of love and a commitment to bring high quality slope and thermal soaring gliders that are marketed, impoved and designed in cooperation with high quality European manufactures like Mibo.  For example, after flying the Mibo Mini-Vision as an all arounder BAYA gliders made a suggestion to widen flaps/ailerons for improved roll rates.  The next round of mini-visions that we sell will have these modifications.   We will also be developing new products!

We eventually stock the full product offering from Mibo as well as another Slovenian model the StormChaser.   We will certainly special order anything for you but the idea is to keep products in stock and order regularly.

We will mainly be focused on having fun,  providing excellent build and flight videos for the gliders, making sure gliders come as complete as possible with high quality parts so you don't have to track down parts.