MIBO SWIFT 2.5 Carbon

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I have orange and white available right now!.

More to come on this glider but it is an excellent manufactured swift glider that will perform well in strong thermal conditions and slope conditions.   The glider has a carbon joiner,  and the spread tow version is pretty light.  The wings/joiner have areas for ballast.  This will be the main glider we fly when conditions are good!   Expect the finished plane to be around 3kgs.  

The overall dimensions are very similar to the older Mibo/Graupner Swift and the X-models 2.5 swift.   Having flown both the 3.2 meter and the 2.5 meter swift the 2.5 is a much better size for our slopes. 

There will be several layups but we will stock the standard layup and the spread tow. version. A double carbon version can be special ordered.   They are not cheaper than X-models but they include all hardware, formers, trays, with much better build quality and strength, bottom hinged surfaces. The difference is worth it!

Main Features:

-hollow moulded (Carbon fuselage with 2,4 GHz friendly Kevlar front part, Wings and elevator full Carbon)
-square carbon wing joiner
-bottom hinged flaps and ailerons
-Ballast holes in the wing
-Pre-cut Canopy
-F3B wing spar 
-Pre-installed Rudder

In end of Semptember there will be available three versions:

-Standard (Single C160)
-Strong ( Double C160)
-Strong Light ( 80 Spreadtow / 50 C-Biax )

Price/Availability September/October.