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The SWIFT S-1 has been flown in competitions with considerable success since 1991. Jerzy Makula became World Champion flying the prototype. Our model of the SWIFT displays all the original machine's superb flight performance and handling qualities in 1/10 scale. The glider is capable of all aerobatic maneuvers, including rolls, inverted flight, knife-edge, four-point rolls etc., and only the pilot's flying skills limit what it can do.

The micro Swift is a high performance, full composite scale glider. The micro Swift offers top quality which is normally associated with building of our big ships. All control surfaces are live hinged, hardware is excellent and includes a huge scale décor sheet.  The ailerons are controlled by independent micro servos with feasibility to adjust spoiler-brakes for shorter landings.
Not cheap, but fantastic value for money considering the superb craftsmanship and flying characteristics of this model, the micro Swift is for the discerning RC glider pilot.

Basic settings for first flight

CG: 35- 40 mm from the leading edge
Elevator: -5 mm/+5 mm
Ailerons: -10 mm/+ 8 mm
Rudder: -25 mm/+ 25 mm

Settings for skilled pilots with two flight phases

CG: 40- 42 mm from the leading edge


Elevator: -5mm/+ 5 mm
Ailerons: -8 mm/+ 4 mm
Rudder: +25 mm/+ 25 mm


Elevator: -10mm/+ 10 mm
Ailerons: -15 mm/+ 10 mm
Rudder: -25 mm/+ 25 mm
Elevator Trimm “down” 0,5 mm

Landing (on Throttle stick)
Ailerons: -15 mm
Elevator down mix 0,5 mm

Positive movement (marked with + ) means deflection down / negative movement (marked with –) means deflection up.

We offer models in following colors:

 - white
- yellow
- orange
- red
- black

We currently have white in stock but other colors are on order and should arrive shortly.



Wingspan 1269 mm
Length 691 mm
Weight 350 g
Wing Airfoil G795
Wing area 12,07 dm2
Tail airfoil Flat Plate
Tail area 1,8 dm2