Matrix F3F/F3B

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Two in stock!  One neon orange/green just like stock photo and the other light blue and pink (just like photo) but with neon pink nose cone.

Matrix is a high-performance glider model developed by Christian Fiedler and designed for F3B / F3F.

Freestyler 3 clone!  This is not a 100% clone but all the parts are interchangeable with Freestyler 3.   It has same feel and flying characteristics of the TUD Freestyler 3 without the price or wait.  It was created in part because the German F3B team wanted a similar plane with interchangeable parts. It comes in 3 layups.

In the design increased value was placed on the speed flight (speed), without having to compromise in the other disciplines such as high-start, cross-country flight and thermal flight. Profiles were developed that range from 7.9% thickness (C15679) at root over 7.3% (C15673) at the thinnest part of the wing to 7.5% (C16675) at the edge bend.

With a total of 9 profiles adapted in thickness and curvature, the outstanding all-round characteristics and the easy handling of the model are achieved. Due to the design of the fuselage, the lever arm and the tail size an excellent directional stability for the cross-country flight as well as the task F3F is achieved and at the same time the circular behavior is positively influenced in the thermal flight. The narrow hull offers little front resistance, but still enough space for 2x LiIo cells with 2900mAh for high voltage operation.

The matrix is ​​ballasted with connectors (4x150g) and area ballast (8x130g). 
This allows a precise shifting of the center of gravity for the different tasks. 
Only the latest technologies and the highest quality materials are used in the construction.

The MATRIX is an all-rounder that shows top performance in all disciplines. 

160 gsm Carbon wings with Herex Sandwich. Carbon spar. Ballast tube in wings. Empty airframe weight from 1650 g

TeXtreme® 80 Spread-Tow / Biax 40 Carbon wings with Herex Sandwich. Carbon spar. Ballast tube in wings. Empty airframe weight from 1550 g

"Samurai" 105 Spread-Tow / Biax 40 Carbon wings with Herex Sandwich. Carbon spar. Ballast tube in wings. Empty airframe weight from 1650 g

Model is available in different colors. 3 colors are included in price. For each additional color we charge extra 50 EUR. Block stripes on bottom of wings are surcharged 50 EUR. Custom designs are available up to agreement and accepting longer delivery times.

Wingspan 2941 mm
Length 1445 mm

2100-4660 g Standard

1920 - 4660 g F3B

2250 - 4660 g F3F Samurai



Wing Airfoil CF01-CF09
Wing area 56,43 dm²
Tail airfoil CF
Tail area 571 dm²