Dart III

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The DART is an outstanding all-purpose glider. Featuring a one piece wing with flaps, this plane has great potential as a light DS-er, sloper, and sport flyer.

 Dart is all molded sailplane that rivals the quality and performance of sailplanes twice the price! The one piece wing is typical glass, Herex, carbon spar construction, with full span glass Herex main and trailing edge spars, with a glossy exterior finish painted in the molds in a variety of colors. It is a perfect sailplane for Dynamic Soaring and Sloping!

We recommend using flat wing servos for the ailerons and flaps. Many builders opt for elevator control only (using 13 mm servo with metal gears), but if you want a full rudder function, it is easy to cut rudder and make it functional. Live hinge is already laminated in rudder skin so you need to add another rudder servo similar size as elevator.
The HN airfoil is awesome for high speed and the wing is equipped with flaps and ailerons not only allowing full trailing edge cambering. This plane is designed to go fast, handle crisply and land slowly. The plane can be ready for flight in one evening of work. Just install the radio gear and you are ready to go.
The optional ballast tube 20 mm dia. fits in fuselage so you can fit between 250 to 300 g of ballast in the tube that's accessible thru canopy opening. Pre-cut Ballast kits are available as option.

Wingspan 1524 mm
Length 1000 mm
Weight 950 g
Wing Airfoil HN-1038
Wing area 24 dm2